Concept Development

innovation workshop ideas

Our concept workshops help you to develop new product concepts and strategies that will delight current and future customers.

Innovation and Creative Design Thinking Workshops

We take you out of the daily routine and bring in our expertise to come up with new concepts for products and services.

Innovation is critical, whether it be coming up with a novel product, devising a service, bringing new life to a staid work process or unlocking a new market.

We hand you the key with creative thinking and planning. It’s delivered through a choice of structured workshops or a fully bespoke route.

"Well versed in the theory and processes as well as being very creative, G2 bring a great perspective to innovation."

Reckitt Benckiser


Develop. Vision

During this workshop your team adopts a joined-up vision about who you are and what you do. It consists of challenging activities that help your people think imaginatively and define your purpose, mission and values.

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Develop. Customers

In this workshop your people apply design thinking to focus on the needs and desires of existing and potential customers. Your team looks at demographic and psychographic profiling, and evokes customer empathy to chart a roadmap for areas that require innovation.

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Develop. Product or service

This workshop first unleashes the creative potential of your team to generate ideas. Then your people hone their skills to spot real and achievable commercial opportunities. We usually narrow down dozens of ideas to a handful of workable concepts for products or services.

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Develop. Bespoke

We already employ the workshop approach successfully for many of our clients. Depending on your business, one of more of our workshops may be useful for you.

However, in our experience, some organisations require a fully bespoke process. If you think you’d benefit from one or more of our workshops or feel you’d really gain from a tailor-made method, please get in touch..

Concept Development. Product Innovation Strategy for FTSE 100 Company.

Providing the tools and techniques to streamline development and encourage collaborative innovation.
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innovation workshop ideas