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Whether you want us to support your activities or to lead them, our team are experts at every stage of the NPD process.


We start with a confidential meeting to gain an understanding of the client and the project background. The aim is to agree a project brief and product specification.

No pressure

A no obligation proposal contains initial understanding of the competitor landscape, product specification, project timeline and costs for each stage.

Staged payments

Costs are laid out clearly. We stagger the project and ensure you’re totally happy before moving onto the next stage. We don’t do hidden fees or charges.


We can help source the most suitable manufacturing, supply and distribution partners. If requested we will attend meetings with you to guide you through the manufacturing process.

Case Study. Esper LightCage.

G2 worked with a specialist technology company to create a state-of-the-art lighting system for photorealistic 3D head scanning.

Make. Design Process.

The process of design is wonderfully chaotic. We steer our projects through some key steps in order to find the magic while remaining grounded in commercial reality.

"G2 have a can-do culture and bring enthusiasm and excitement to the development process. I could see the benefits quickly."


Concept design

You might want to convert an idea to a marketable product as soon as possible, originate something totally new, or simply refresh your current offering. We research the competitor and customer landscapes ensuring we are laser-focused on solving real life problems.


We develop ideas through concept sketching, prototyping, CAD models and photorealistic renders. Our belief is that form and function are of equal importance and we will evaluate concepts together to ensure the project is heading in the agreed direction.


Working and aesthetic prototypes are made in our workshop and on a Formlabs SLA 3D printer. Validation and feedback come via real-time user testing.

Design for manufacture

Once a design has been evaluated and chosen as the most suitable solution our engineers will design your product for manufacture. We provide CAD models, engineering drawings and material specifications.

Things to read.

Looking for tips on how to take your idea from a mental picture to physical reality? Read our latest product development articles.

G2 Articles

Let's work together.

Our service at a glance.

  • Confidential meetings (NDA supported)
  • No obligation proposal
  • Timeline and costs laid out for each stage
  • Team with industrial experience and expertise
  • In-house 3D printing and prototyping
  • Support from concept to manufacturing
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